14 November-07 December 2013

Nikos Lagos,


Zoumboulakis Galleries present the latest solo show “zan-tac”, by Nikos Lagos. Large and small dimension works, acrylic on canvas and charcoal on paper will be presented from November 14 to December 7, 2013.Symbols and writing dominate this time his colorful and jocular world. The drawings as well as the variety of colors give way to a dense cloud of crowded words and letters which covers recurrent patterns.The works of Nikos Lagos refer to the contemporary chaos and the resulting mental confusion we experience. At the same time however they aspire to introduce humor and joy through their cartoon impression.

Sotirios Bahtsetzis notes in the catalogue text: “The verbal cartographies in Nikos Lagos’s most mature work (paintings with acrylic on canvas and drawings with charcoal on paper), in which the graphical chromatic depiction gives precedence to semiotic writing, function more as a contemporary ‘biblia pauperum’ and as resistance against a superficial society, a society of pseudo-culture due to information overload. In juxtaposition to the spectacular deluge of images, and the allure of these images, the semiotics of the artist invoke a faith in our own associations, our personal mnemonic, the modern imagination (imaginatio) and invention (inventio). […] the artist tries to subvert the narcissism of a contemporary world that doesn’t want to change. There’s no childlike innocence or adolescent rebellion a la graffiti in Lagos’ works, but instead a politically-rooted criticism against acquired and media-constructed images, meanings and values”.

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