Astrolavos dexameni – 15.03.07 – 14.04.07

On Thursday the 15 th of March 2007 , in the art space of « Astrolavos – dexameni» (Xanthippou 11, Kolonaki, tel no: 210 7294342, 3, fax no: 210 7293317,, opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10.30 – 14.00 and 18.00 – 21.00), open two individual exhibitions. A painting exhibition of Nikos Lagos , entitled: “Stardom” and a drawings exhibition by Kristina Ristic , entitled: “Drawings” . Nikos Lagos exhibits (in the lower level of the art space) works of large dimensions on which evident are influences of American art and culture, shaped from the middle of the 20 th century onwards. Also evident are influences from the movement of Pop Art and C omics as well as renowned artists like Jean – Michel Basquiat. The paintings’ topics are ambivalent. In their compositions one can detect morphological elements, which the artist chooses to attribute with a child like, simplistic way upon the vivid color setting of his works. Skulls, houses, geometrical spaces, crosses, trees, mountains, aircrafts, chairs, fishes, animals, figures reminding us of arrows and cowboys are connected in an original and primitive way. Molded shapes and objects, symbols and numbers, co-mixture on the canvass with letters, words and phrases which either mean or suggest. Usually the synthesis of these works- phrases seems almost impossible because the artist makes use of his/her own ‘loose’ painting idiom.

Color is the catalyst in Nikos Lagos painting. Large color surfaces of clean, vivid, sharp or strong dark tones diffuse in one another, overrunning the background of his synthesis thus creating, sometimes the sense of postmodern scenery and other times a simple, color, painting background. His synthesis, usually absolutely crammed, full of colors and drawn motives or something with a minimalist approach of the painting field and its elements arrive from a stable internal geometrical structure. The external – outward mazy routes and the co-coordinative quotation, even if they are of phenomenal density and are presented within the boundaries of a clean synthetic shape. The triptych: gesture – writing – brushstroke, as far as their technical idiom is concerned in conjunction with the triptych: slogan – idea – meaning, as far as their conceptual meaning is concerned, strongly characterize this artists work.

Very often, Nikos Lagos’s works embodies comments for contemporary societies and our way of life, the communication (internet), thoughts and questions of man and artist but also comments for his work and painting generally. At the end, what is his painting all about? May be riddle-images that seek to be decoded? Mapping the modern way of life? Unanswered questions concerning life, man, death and the world around us? The viewer is challenged to provide the answers to these questions by exploring the painted image through the procedure/game of personal and subjective reading.

Duration of exhibition until 17th of April 2007